Rick Torbett's Read & React Circle Movement: Part 2

As we said before, circle movement is a logic movement in offense in the situations when the dribble penetration occur. As we analyzed the positioning when the ball is dribbled from the Point position, let us see how it goes when the attack is coming from the wing.

Again we have 5 players on the arc, but now the ball is on the wing. First, let us see how it goes if the drive penetration is headed inside.

Circle motion offense: Drive penetration middle

The players from the Point and the opposite wing are sliding towards the corner, moving down for 1 spot, and the corner player is cutting. The player from the passive corner is filling up the spot from the player that has the ball. 

Defensive rotation

The first help defender will come from the point, the wing defender will cover for the point defender, and the corner defender will cover both wing and the cutter. The defender from the passive side will move in to the paint area. 

But, if the drive penetration goes outside, we must consider different kind of situation. Depending of how the help comes from the corner of the active side, we will have 2 options. 

Option 1: The help defender goes towards the paint and try to close driving lane low and near the basket.

Defensive rotation Option 1

In this case the player on the Active side should stay in corner and be ready to take a shot, and the offensive player from the Passive side corner must Read the defense and then React, either cut or move up for an extra pass. 

Option 2: The help defender goes higher and try's to deny the penetration early. 

Defensive rotation Option 2

In this case, the offensive player from the Active side should cut, but needs to expect that the defender from the Passive side will come at him, so the offensive player in the corner needs to go near the baseline and give the cutter open passing lane. 

Let us see the video:

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May 16, 2018 Coach Chris

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