Rick Torbett's Read & React Circle Movement: Part 1

Circle movement is just a logical way that the players should move when the dribble penetration occur as a offensive solution. 

Let us see the drill that you can do with your team in order to make them move properly.

First, put 5 players on the arc, and give the ball to the Point position and make him do a dribble penetration towards the basket. 

Circle Movement: Dribble penetration

If we assume that he gets by his defender left side (red line), the other players should move as the BLUE lines show. Why? Let us add the defenders and explain how they need to react as one of them looses control over the ball handler. 

Circle Movement: How the offense should move

On the ACTIVE side of the offense the player that is most near the ball should slide down in to the corner, and the player that is in the corner needs to cut to the basket. 

On the PASSIVE side, the player from the wing should head towards the point spot and the player from the corner should take the wing place. 

Why? Let us see how the defense will react when the dribble penetration occur.

Circle Movement: The defense movement

The right way to defend the dribble penetration is next:

2 - the first help defender needs to close the penetration so that means that he needs to leave his man and go towards the paint 

4 - the second help defender has to decide is he going to go and take over the player that was guarded by 2 or is he going to stay and protect the cutter. This is why the offensive wing is sliding towards the corner and the guy from the corner is cutting... to make either open shot for a wing or easy layup for cutter.

5- needs to cover the cutter from the opposite corner and 3 needs to guard 2 men on the passive side of the offense.

Here are the passing options after both offense and defense make their moves.

Read & React Circle Movement Drills

Let us see the video.

For this drill you can buy Defensive Mannequin , to make your players better visualize and feel the

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May 16, 2018 Coach Chris

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