Pistol/Hurry Up Offense by Dave Severns

About the Pistol Offense

Hurry Up Offense, better known as a Pistol Offense, is a transition offense that can create a quick shots for you. With the great spacing and the flow, you can run the Pistol Offense by reading the first pass of your point guard, without calling the play. This style of playing is very hard to scout and to prepare defense for it. 

Spacing and Set up

The set up for the Hurry Up Offense gives you lot of opportunities to attack the basket. 

For instance, on the picture below we can see that the key is completely empty, and our big man (Position 5) staying wide on the three point line, which leaves lot of space for penetration.  

Our best shooter is on the weak side corner (Position 3), also stretching up the defense and making the key open. In the case that the defensive player helps from a weak corner, he leaves our best shooter wide open, and that's what we want. 

The trailer (Position 4) is in the middle of the court, and he should be the first Pick & Roll guy. 

Position 1 is our point guard, and he is positioned between the sideline and lane-line. 

And finally, Position 2 is our guard, who is stepping inside three point line and at the level of free throw line, is the closest player to the basket. He should aim to be even with the Position 1.

Position 1 and Position 2 are interchangeable, they can replace their position and Pistol Offense can still work perfectly.

Pistol Offense

How Hurry Up Offense Works

Since this is a transition offense, we are looking for the fast solutions. Therefore, the first pass goes to our closest man to the basket at this moment (Position 2). 

Hurry Up Offense

After passing, our point guard (Position 1) is going for a hand-off and trying to attack the basket and score a quick lay-up.

Hand Off Basketball

If our point guard doesn't have a chance to attack the basket after hand-off, he  is waiting for a flare screen (Position 4 and 2). After the screen, our guard (Position 2) should be open at the middle of the court on the three point line, for the potential shot or penetration.

Flare Screen Basketball

If there is no solution still, we have a great spacing for a Pick & Roll game on the side (Position 1 and 4).

Pick & Roll Game

After Pick & Roll you  should create some advantage.The great thing in playing this attack is that there is a continuation. Moving the ball from one side to another gives new solution and makes defense to work even harder.  

Dave Severns LA Clippers

How to Practice Pistol Offense 

The best way to practice Pistol Offense is to break a part each situation on the court, and than slowly merge and build a full Hurry Up Offense, starting from 2 on 0,moving to 3 on 0, all the way to 5 on 0.

3 on 0 Practice

Who Can Play Pistol Offense

Hurry Up Offense is an offense for high schools, colleges and professional teams. Every level can run this play, especially teams that are more prone to the game in transition.  

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                                                          Hurry Up Offense by Dave Severns

Mar 02, 2018 Coach Chris

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