Man to Man Offensive Concepts & Drills by Kermit Davis

How often do you practice passing with your team, and how often do you see in the games that players are not able to make a left hand pass so they make turnovers? Some of the players do not even look for the open man so they have this bad habit of the immediate dribble. 

The habit of passing the ball leads to better team awareness, and better team awareness leads to better decision making, and all of a sudden it becomes contagious and everybody is passing to everybody. This is what basketball is all about. Pass the ball to a player who is in a better position to score. 

Coach Davis is highlighting this problem, and this is a drill that he use to practice passing with his team.

Take 4 guys and put them on the arc. Make them receive the ball low in the stance. 

Left hand passing

When the ball is in the players hands, he needs to swing it from hip to hip, take strong direct left leg step and make 2 dribbles, and pass the ball with his left arm but without the help of the right arm. This drill mimic the real in game situation when your team is swinging the ball from side to side, and eventually after 2 or 3 dribbles somebody is going to get open for a layup or a open shot. The drive has to be in full sprint that will lure the help defender at a maximum help. 

2 dribble drive then pass with the left hand

Lets see the video: 

If you want to make the drill more realistic, we recommend you to use Basketball Defensive Mannequin: 

or if you want your players to feel some real contact and give them that little defensive bump on the drive,  we recommend training pads:

Defensive Pad

If you want to learn more drills that will improve your team passing, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

Passing drills by Kermit Davis

May 09, 2018 Coach Chris

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