Lets ask Coach Chris if he has some Man to Man defensive tricks up in his sleeve

If you follow these two simple principles your team defense will improve very quickly and breakdowns will occur less often.

Positioning of a defender, contrary to a ball position, is something that is essential in playing a good man to man defense on a weak side of the defense. There are several things that your defender must think about when he is guarding off ball player:

 Who are you guarding? A shooter, driver, cutter? In either situation, your player is NOT suppose to HUG his man.

Weak side defender position

Where the line that divides the court in half, meets the passing lane, is a spot that your player needs to take in majority of situations. And what should be on a line? A hand or a foot that is closer to ball. With periphery eye sight your player has to be concentrated both on his man and a ball at the same time. This is a good spot from where your  week side defender can help protect the drives or screens.  

If your player guards a shooter, he should be positioned closer to his man (red spot) so he can reach out to put a hand in his face, or somewhat below the passing line (green spot) so he can protect drive/cutting lane.

Weak side defender position guarding shooter or a cutter

As the position of the attacker change, the passing lane change so your player must take different position. It is essential that he keep both the ball and a player in sight, so he can prevent easy buckets. 

Correct the position in defense

The covering of a passing lane is important on defending every position. Often we see that the entry pass on high post is newer guarded, newer pressured. This pass is crucial for so many offenses, and if you prevent them, the opponents will have a problem in attacking the basket. 

Defend the entry pass on high post

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Apr 05, 2018 Coach Chris

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