Individual & Team Skill Development by Phil Martelli

The best drills in basketball contain the development of both team and individual skills. This particular drill that we are going to analyze this time, is developing the in game passing from wing to wing (popular as the swing the ball play) if we talk about the team training, and if we talk about individual improvement, the players are training dribble penetration with all kind the finishes around the rim.

Lets break down this Phil Martelli's drill.

Position your players on the wings, and on on the point. Let them swing the ball from one side, over the point, to the other side. The passes should be fast and the ball has to travel the shortest distance. This way you are practicing the ball movement, and the fast balls will put the defenders on the move and not allow them to make a steal. 

Swing the ball from side to side

The pass for the dribble penetrating player has to be delivered on the inside hand, next, he must take the ball from one hip to another, and attack the lane with the outside foot/ direct dribble. .

Attack sideway with the outside foot

First, make your players finish with the strong layup/dunk.

Finish with the layup

For your second drill, the players have to attack the basket through the middle of the court. This time, they attack with the inside foot. 

Attack the middle of the paint with he inside foot

For the third drill, players have to finish with the floater. This drills put them in the situation of having to score over a big guy that is standing in the middle of the paint. 

One more thing that we must teach our players. That first penetrating step must be wide so they can cover more space and get immediate advantage over their defender. 

Attack with the wide first step

If you want to make your drills more realistic and interesting, and you want to improve your training in every possible way, go buy a DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL MANNEQUIN or a CONE AGILITY SET that can mimic defenders both on dribble penetration or when shooting a floater. 

                                                                                Defensive basketball mannequin                            

                                                                          Let us see the video:

                             If you want to learn more drills like this, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

                                                                    Team and Individual drills by Phil Martelli

Apr 19, 2018 Coach Chris

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