Individual and Skill Development by Phil Martelli Part 2

Dusan Ivkovic, legend among the Yugoslav Coaches that led this team to a multiple Olympic Gold medals, says that if you want to teach your player one particular thing, you need to make him do it about 10,000 times in order to make it automatic. So, the individual and skill development takes time and takes patience, and of course, takes a good set of drills.

Put two players on the wings and one on the point. Make them swing the ball from one side to another. This will mimic the classic in-game ball movement. When the ball comes to the side opposite from where the drill started, that player will attack its defender (coach, defensive mannequin) he will do a cross step, faking like he want to go sideways. The direct step should be followed with the leaning body and convincing look.

                                       Cross step: Fake first step

As the defender moves in desired way, your player can make a cross step and attack the middle of the paint.

                                       Cross step: attack the paint

For your next drill, put your players in a line beneath the basket, make them run to the center, turn and attack the basket. 

                                  Start from the baseline

Put a coach slightly beneath the 3 point line, and make your players do:

1. Inside out dribble. Take care that they bring the ball all the way to a fake side of penetration and then fast pull it back.

                                  Inside out dribble

2. Right to Left crossover. Tell your players to make a flashy first step, lean whole body to one side and then do the crossover.

                                  Crossover dribble

3. Between the legs dribble. Make your players get low, spread their legs wide and take an energetic dribble.

                                  Between the legs dribble

Lets see the video:

                                         If you want to buy Defensive Mannequin click on the link below:

                                                                                      Defensive Mannequin

                         If you want to learn more individual skill drills, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

                                                                     Individual Team and Skill Development by PhilMartelli

Apr 19, 2018 Coach Chris

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