How to score EASY buckets using transition screens? Use Steve DeMeo's Ball Screen Offense drills and play some perfect Pick&Roll in transition

“Make the practices like games and the games like practices” – Don Meyer

In another words, you have to practice the things that you will do in games. Give your players the drills that will mimic the things that they will be doing in real live games.

Ball screen offense is something that is the core of today`s basketball, and your goal should be to teach your players how to make the wright decisions out of it. And not just the ball handler and the screener, but the movement of your players on the both strong and weak side of this play.

To start this drill, we will have two players on one side of the court, and the chairs will present the screen.

First play: Ball handler drive to the screen and the other player lean to the corner

To make your practice real, the ball handler should come from the center and attack the 45 angle spot with the drive, while the other player should lean towards the corner and make the good offensive geometry.

When the ball handler comes near the screen, he should make a small change of rhythm witch will make his defender go unbalanced, and then go play pick and roll.

Second play: preparation for the pick and roll

In this moment, the active side of the offence becomes passive, so the play demand that our offensive player without the ball must correct his position by running towards the 45 angle spot. His direct defender (shown like a red triangle) needs to adapt on the newly created situation by leaning to the paint (green circule).

Third play: transition in activity both in offense and defense

When the screener roll to the basket our second player should be on 45 angle spot and open up a passing lane for our ball handler.

Forth play: Open passing lane as a product of making the wright decisions

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Feb 11, 2018 Coach Chris

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