How to Make Your Player Open for a Shoot Every Time? Use this Bill Self's Motion Attack Drills and Get an Open Jumper on Every Possession

V cut is something that is a core basketball. Every time you hear pro players talk about how they are going to the basics, know that V cut drills will be something that they will practice. 

V cut is used to get loose off of your defender, by making him go one way, and by changing both the direction and the tempo, getting open for a shot or dribble or pass. If your player master this basic move,  it will open the opportunity for him to get in a good position to be productive every time. 

Lets analyze the set of drills that can help you develop good V cut movement of your players.

Every drill will start in the corner, from where the players will pass the ball to coach who will stand on the Point position. 

For our first task, players will have a fake move towards the paint, and then curl to the elbow on the same side of the paint for a pull up jumper.

First move: the fake move

First horizontal movement is crucial in every V cut situation, and it can be done two different ways depending what kind of defender is guarding you. If you are held by flashy, all about reaction, jumpy D, you will have to do flashy first step towards the paint to get him on "skates", and then sprint to desired place on the court. And if you have experienced, "reading the play" defender, you will have to make contact with his body and "take" him towards the paint, make an extra "push" and then go to get the ball. 

Going for the Jumper

For our second drill we will imagine that the player is reading the V cut and has positioned himself between attacker and the ball. 

V cut with the good defence

In this case, teach your players to make a fake aggressive step towards the ball, with the means to fool defense and make them go in the same direction, and then make a step back or outside (or where ever is opposite of the way the defense is going) and get open for a jumper.

Fake step forward and the preparation for the jumper

In this particular case, you have to tell your players what is the right way to prepare their legs for the jumper. 

The right way to prepare for the jumper

In this instance, the left leg should be the "brake" that will relieve the body of the force made by the strong step towards the ball. Then, the wright foot has to go outside, onto the baseline. This will trigger the start of the rotation of the whole body to the basket, and this rotating force will be used as a energy needed for the jumper. If you try to the whole drill with your right leg as a brake, one step to the left side wont give you strength, and your shoot will fall short. Try it.

Curl for some 3 point shoots

For the final drill do some V cuts and curls for the 3 point shoots. Keep an eye for the jumpers. Do not let your players lean towards the ball or go for fade away shoots. Make them think how to put their legs and how to rotate the hips and shoulders the right way so they can improve shoot percentages.

                              If you want to learn more V cut drills, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below: 



Feb 23, 2018 Coach Chris

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