How to make your 2-3 zone more dynamic? Use Alan Marshall's tips and force your opponents make Turnovers

The 2-3 zone can be effective defense, but it lacks  the on ball pressure because it was constructed with the means to guard the space rather then the player. If you want to play this style of defense, but to implement some surprise factor in it, this is how should it be done.

First, lets see how should your players be positioned in a classic 2-3 setup.

2 - 3 zone defense

Every player has the area witch is his responsibility. When the ball goes to one of the sides, 2 of the players that are near the ball will go aggressive and try to trap him.

2 -3 zone defense trap

The player that was guarding the center of the paint needs to cover the offensive player that is running from the weak side corner to the strong side corner, and the other guard from the front line of the zone must cover the Post, stand in front of him and keep eyes on the ball. 

The last player in the zone will step inside the paint and cover everybody's back. 

The player with the ball has 2 options, and if there is a cross court pass, the last player in the zone has the opportunity to steal it. 

force turnovers with the 2-3 zone

                                                          Let us see how it looks live on this video:

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Mar 14, 2018 Coach Chris

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