How to Get Some OPEN LOOKS for your Shooters? Use this Bo Ryan's Swing Offensive System and get Your Player Open Shoot EVERY Time

If you have some good 3 point shooters and you want to draw something to put them in a good spot so they can show us their sniper skills, I think I have just the play for you.

For the first play, Point Guard will pass the ball to the Shooting Guard/Small Forward. The Center/Power Forward that is in the paint area near the ball will climb vertically and set a screen for PG right below the arc. PG will do a fake step outside the screen, and will move towards the paint area. While this is happening on the active side of the offense, on the passive side other two players will prepare to set 2 consecutive screens for the PG.

First play: High screen for the Point Guard

Center/Power Forward that set the initial screen for his Point, will get the ball from the wing, and will wait for the guard to get by 2 screens set for him.

Second play: 2 vertical screens for first 3p opportunity

This is the first opportunity for the 3 point shoot.

If the Defense plays correctly, and there is not much room for the 3 point shoot, the player that set the screen on the first jump position becomes the “target” of the play, and again we have 2 screens being set for him.

Third play: New screens for second 3p opportunity

The guard with the ball should dribble towards the center of the court a bit so he can open the passing lane for our second 3 point shooter.

Always look for other options

Like I always say, every player needs to be aware that from every play there are several opportunities to choose from. That just mean that every player should be individually trained to recognize what the offensive scheme can do for him. 

                    If you want to learn more offensive plays, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below:


Feb 12, 2018 Coach Chris

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