How to Break any Press Defense? Use the 1-4 or 4 Across Press Break

Breaking press defense is really easy job if your players are trained to react the right way. Rules are simple: no rush, no panic, no extensive dribble, move, no long "NFL" pass. This simple scheme will make your squad feel comfortable if there is a sudden pressure from opponents. 

Three players should be in the line with the free throw, positioned one on it and the other two on the wings/corners/sides. in any way, one of the defenders will have to cower two of your players. 

First play: Positioning in the line

Depending on the position of that defender, you will in bound the ball in the middle or on the side. 

Second play: in bound options and movement

if the ball goes sideway, your player from the mid area will open passing lane on the same side where the ball is, and this is the more likely scenario. If the ball is inbounded in the middle, there collapse of the defense is immediate. 

Middle in bound option

So, we will go with the more likely option and we assume that the ball will end up on the side of the court, and that our center position player will open a passing lane on the side of the ball and eventually he gets it, your team will have the situation 3 on 2. We need to say that the player on the opposite side from the ball needs to run straight, and try not to narrow the court. 

Running the lanes the right way

Dealing with the 3 on 2 is a matter of reacting on the positioning of defense.

3 on 2 situation

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Mar 07, 2018 Coach Chris

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