How Parents Can Support Their Kids in Basketball

How Parents Can Support Their Kids in Basketball

It’s always an exciting time when your child announces that he or she would like to start participating in a sport. Basketball is a very exciting and action-packed sport that can provide your child with a lot of learning experiences. It’s also veupportive parent, there are some things you can do to help.

Let Your Child Enjoy the Sport

It’s important that your child learns how to enjoy basketball on his or her own. While he or she will love knowing that you’re cheering from the sidelines, you don’t want to micromanage your kid’s every move. There’s a big difference between helping your child grow in the sport he or she loves and living vicariously through him or her as they play a sport. If your child is telling you he or she is upset with your involvement, it might be time to pull back a little bit.

Don’t Be Confrontational or Negative

There’s few things as embarrassing to a young athlete as seeing their parent start yelling at their coach or teammates. You don’t want to see your child cringe on the sidelines or court because of you. It’s your job to be present and supportive, even if there was foul play or the referee made a poor call. Don’t feel like you need to get involved in the game too much. After all, these are just kids who are learning how to play a sport, not pros, so there’s no need to yell like you do when you’re watching a game on TV.

Similarly, it’s important not to try coaching your child, even if you played the sport yourself when you were younger. Your child’s coach knows what they’re doing, and your advice can ruin their strategy or get in the way of the goals that they have for your child. Instead, just tell your child, “I love to watch you play!”, and if you want to get involved in your child’s progress, have a private, friendly chat with the coach afterward. And of course, never criticize your child for poor performance on the court.

Look Out for Their Well-Being

As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your child is playing safely. His or her health and well-being should come before anything else. Contact sports can put stress on players’ spines as well as put them in danger of head injuries. A coach and/or athletic trainer should be watching your child to make sure he or she is safe. This is one time that you can step in if you feel that your child is in danger. Your child should be learning how to properly play the game, but he or she should also be playing against other teams that are playing fairly and safely as well. When your child grows up, he or she is always going to remember that you were sitting on the sidelines for his or her basketball games.

Whether your kid won or lost, has talent or no, your support means so much to a child who is growing and learning how to work hard at things. Talk to your child. Tell him or her how proud you are of him or her after each and every game. It makes a big difference in a child’s self-esteem and future success.

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Nov 05, 2019

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