How Matt Painter Forces Turnovers by Doubling the Post

There are several ways to make your opponent unpleasant playing offense, and one of them is by doubling up their post player and trying to make some turnovers. There are some key points that you need to teach your squad so they don't make mistakes that will lead to easy buckets. 

We will have two offensive and two defensive players. 

Off ball defender should be positioned so he can see both offensive players. Eyes are always on the ball and with the peripheral vision he must control his man.


After the ball is sent on the post, the passer will either cut or stay behind the arc. If we have a cutter, help defender must not hurry to double up, because the post player can assist with the bounce or the lob pass inside the paint area.

A mistake

Instead, he needs to follow the cutter to the middle of the paint and then try to trap.

Check your man then trap

The act of trapping must be executed with aggression, hands up, yelling, body to body contact with your own player. 


When you defend a good shooter that has passed the ball on the low post, you will have to think if you want to leave him open. In these situations you should give him some space, but not too much. The leg that is near him should not be moved, and with the other one you can jounce as if every second you can go to double up. 

Pivot foot for a good shooters

And for our last situation, the player with the ball will attack the basket by rolling towards the baseline. This time, the help defender will leave his player alone and go to help inside the paint. In this situation there must be a full defensive rotation, but that is another story.

Trapping the roller

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Mar 06, 2018 Coach Chris

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