Having trouble playing 2-3 zone defense? Use Alan Marshall's tips and make it Impenetrable

When you are playing 2 -3 zone defense, the offense will try to  overload you by attacking 1 defensive player with 2 offensive ones. This means that your weak side defenders will often have to guard multiple threats. Let us analyze how should the front line and the back line players cover their position the right way.

If the ball goes on the side, the front line defender will cover the ball, and the other guard will need to cover the high post player (Power Forward) and the Point Guard. 

2-3 zone defense - week side defender in a front line

His correct position would be half way between the Power Forward and the Point Guard, but the majority of the coaches do not want the ball to get to the elbow, so sometimes it is 1/3 way to the elbow and 2/3 of the way from the point.. He must have his eyes on the ball, and be active in a way that the player with the ball must not feel comfortable to make the pass to either of them. He can position him self closer to one or the other and wait for the pass and maybe steal the ball. 

Prevent the pass on the high post

It is up to him to play those mind games with the ball handler, but he must be aware that it is more dangerous if the high post player receive the ball.

Try to force turnover with the movement

The wing weak side defender must step inside the paint. He's back must be parallel with the baseline so he can see everything.

Wing week side defender in the 2-3 zone

If he is turning towards the ball, he wont be able to see the cutters, or the screen for the corner shooter.

Wrong position of the wing weak side defender

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Mar 14, 2018 Coach Chris

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