Have a Problem Defending the Flex offense? Shut It Down!

Flex offense can give you trouble if you don't follow the simple defensive rules. If your players sleep in D, Flex will be a problem. Let us how Coach Chris is dealing with this offensive play and what are his players train to watch for.

Flex offense setup is like this. 2 guards in the front court, a wing on a ball side and 2 interior players. 

Flex offense

In every defense, you players must stand the right way.  

Defense positioned the right way

The first line of defense should be effort to stop the ball from reaching the guard on the side with 2 players in offense. If you read the blog, you will find what is the good way to do this: Defender on the passing line not hugging his player + pressure on the ball. 

Challenge the cross top pass

In this case, the player in offense who cant receive the ball will have a chance to cut towards the basket. Your defender that is on a weak side of the defense (marked as red X) needs to be positioned like drown, so this way he is defending both the pass and a cutter. If he is HUGGING his man, cutter can receive the ball, or if he extends the help towards the ball, his player can be open of a lob pass.

Weak side defender positioned the right way

And in the situation that the other guard makes a pass, the defender on the wing must take position inside the paint area, so he deny the wing offense intention to come either over or under the screen and get an easy bucket.  

Defending the attack from the wing

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Mar 23, 2018 Coach Chris

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