Good Closeout leads to a Good Defense. Use this John Brannen's drill and make your team a defensive Nightmare

Closeouts are very important in playing defense, because if you do not do it right, the offense will always overrun you and eventually you'll end up receiving easy buckets. Use this simple drill and improve your team defense in every way, not just the closeouts, because the players will need to communicate and they will need to react as a group. 

First, take 3 attackers on the arc and 3 defenders inside the paint. The drill starts by doing some footwork in the stance. 

Defensive stance - footwork

On after 5 seconds, the players must go and closeout on their guys. How? 2/3 of the way they sprint, and after that they slow down, take a stance and put hands up. 

Closeout - sprint 2/3 of the way

Slowly, the defender must connect with the attacker. The wing defenders must protect the middle and the paint, forcing the ball handler to go baseline but not giving it up. The point defender will force his player to go and dribble with his weaker hand but protecting the paint all the time. 

Defensive responsibility's

In the moment the defense is connected with the player, you need to tell your player not to stay high in the stance. If the defense is high in stance and leaning towards the attacker, the chance of getting be driven by is high. 

                                                    Do not stay high in the stance

You need to tell your players to stay low in the stance with their arms up.

                                                       Get low in the stance

Lets see the video:


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Defender bands

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Half court match up press by Phil Brannen

Apr 19, 2018 Coach Chris

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