Game Winning Rebounds by Tubby Smith

Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, Tyson Chandler, Tim Duncan, Draymond Green, Tristan Tomas. All the championship wining teams had those players who are Crushing the offensive glass and getting some put-back's. If you have good offensive rebounding team, your shooters will have more confidence in shooting from the far, because they will know the big guys have their backs. Rebounding is essential if you are building a good basketball team. 

Lets see the drill coach Smith prepared for us. 

Put your 3 guys in the paint. Take some balls for yourself and go on the free throw line. 

Everybody wants a rebound

Shoot the ball, and try to miss, but make your players get a rebound without leaving the paint. By having 3 guys fighting for the ball you are making a real time situation, so when the real game starts the rebounding will be familiar and they will act better because it is something they have been practicing.

Rebound and do not get out of paint

All 3 of them must be motivated to catch the ball, because the one who gets it must go for a basket, and that will count as 1 point. 

rebound and put back

To make a drill more interesting, let the winner be the first one to reach 3 points, and make the looser's do jumps or push ups. 

Lets see the video:

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                                                                  Rebounding techniques by Tubby Smith

May 09, 2018 Coach Chris

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