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Basketball is a great game that millions of people enjoy playing. At any level, people who are playing basketball worldwide enjoy the moments, from the biggest to the smallest. One of these small moments of satisfaction is the sound and look of the ball going through the rim and falling through the net. The basketball net is the one that gives that extra feeling while scoring. True basketball lovers are completely addicted to that 'swish' sound and carefully choose their basketball net to make that satisfaction even bigger. Therefore, we will present you with a list of best basketball nets that should satisfy your needs while playing, and also give you advice on what you should avoid when purchasing basketball nets in our opinion.

Besides the satisfaction and looks, quality is also very important when purchasing a basketball net, so we will give you a guide about the best basketball nets and all crucial information.

Best Basketball Nets Reviews

  • Official NBA On-Court Basketball Net by Spalding

Probably the strongest argument about this basketball net is already in its name: NBA. The best teams and basketball players are using this net. There is no doubt that this would be the right choice for your indoor hoop. With great strength and durability, this hand-tied 100 % polyester net has good reviews from happy customers using this net only indoor. One more great thing about this product is that the Spalding NBA On-Court net has polypropylene in the tips, which will avoid falling out of the loop holders easily.

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  • Spalding Heavy Duty NBA Net

This would be probably the best choice for your outdoor hoop. Durability and strength of this net are great since it's made from heavy-duty polyester material, rough weather should not affect its quality for long period. Big NBA logo on the net will make your basket look like from NBA arena. Although this net was made in three colors at first(red, blue, and white - NBA colors), nowadays you can find it in many different colors. Interestingly to say is the white color net is the cheapest on the market, but since we are talking about outdoor basketball, it's a matter of time when the white net will turn into a grey one.

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  • Champion Sports Heavy Duty Chain Link Basketball Net

If you ever heard the sound of the ball going through a chain net, you must know that special feeling. Since this is usually a pick for an outdoor hoop, the most common problem is that the net is prone to rust when exposed to rain. But Champion Sports Heavy Duty Chain Net has solved this problem by covering net with a zinc coat, which will prevent rusting on heavy weather. That being said, it makes this net number one product among chain nets in the market.

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  • LAO XUE Basketball Outdoor Glow in Dark Net

This is one of non-standard, unique offers, but definitely a great one. If you have issues with the light around your basket during night hours, this is a net for you. By absorbing the light during the day, LAO XUE Glow Net in the Dark Basketball Net will turn to the fluorescent green color, which will make your basket super visible during the night. So, great choice for players who like to play at late hours. Speaking of the quality, LAO XUE Glow Net is made from the high-quality and thick Polyamide fiber, which makes it three times stronger than standard basketball glow in dark net, and reviews of the ones who tried it are confirming its durability. The ability to last long enough (one year) under all weather conditions is pretty high, and the price is very affordable, so there is no reason not to try this awesome product.

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  • HUAHUA Professional Heavy Duty Basketball Net

One more good offer for your indoor or outdoor hoop. This two-colored net (red and white) is slightly different from the other ones above. Made from the highest-quality and thickest polypropylene fibers, HUAHUA Net is presented as a net with high strength and flexibility, which prevents the net from being damaged at any weather conditions. Also, the length of the net is 21 inches, which is a bit longer than NBA standards (official NBA net is around 15-18 inches). For a young basketball player, who is not able to touch a regular measure net, jumping to touch 21 inches net could be a good challenge and preparation for bigger steps. As mentioned above, the HUAHUA net has good flexibility, so don't worry about stretching it by pulling it down. The offer comes with two basketball nets in the package, which makes the price pretty affordable.

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  • BSN Braided Poly Basketball Net

In case that you are a basketball player who believes that the net is just one more of many equipment, and looking for something classic and stable, with a low price, then a BSN polyethylene basketball net could be an option for your outdoor hoop. Promoted as 400% more durable than nylon net, this 12 loop net is easy to set up, so you can purchase this equipment and not think of changing a net for a very long time.

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Things to Avoid When Purchasing Basketball Net

After a guide about the best basketball nets on the market, to complete the story, there are some tips that could save you from a bad purchase.  

  • Indoor net is for Indoor

If you are looking for a net for your outdoor court, please don't look for an indoor net. By reviews and surveys done, the most unhappy costumers were using the net for something that it's not made for. The just-Indoor net is not predicted for rain and cold weather, so it's obvious that the net will not stand as long as predicted on the inside hoop. So pay attention, this could save you the money and nerves; outdoor for outdoor, indoor for indoor.

  • Chain without zinc cover don't last long

If you are willing to buy a chain basketball net, our advice is to avoid chain nets without zinc cover, especially for outdoor use. Exposed to rain, chain without zinc cover will rust, and that will push you for a new purchase very soon.

Jun 19, 2020 Chris Hungerford

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