Basketball Strength Training - Squats by Brian Bingaman

When somebody say Basketball what are the first things you think of? Jumping and running. If you jump high and run fast, you have the means to be good at this sport.

Lets analyze these two drills that you can do with your players to get their legs be strong, an along side we will try to activate abdominal muscles. 

For the first drill, give your player a rod that he will hold above his head with his arms wide as in the first picture. The feet should be slightly wider then the shoulders.

Squats with the pole start position

The back should be straight and the abs should be tight. Pole must be above the center of the head.

When doing the squat, back should stay straight as possible, knees must not go much onward, and the heals should stick to the floor.

For our second drill we will have medicine ball that your player will hold in front of him with his hands and in front of his head. As the gravity pulls the ball down, the abs will activate and tighten. 

Squats with the medicine ball start postion

By doing the squats this way, not only are your players straightening their legs, they are putting the abs to work too, so as they are getting stronger, they are getting more stable. In squat position the ball must remain in front of the head, and the heals must stick to the floor. 

Squats with the medicine ball final position

Let us take a look at the video.

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Basketball Strength Training

Apr 10, 2018 Coach Chris

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