Basketball Strength Training - Jump drills by Brian Bingaman

If we follow the development of the game, we will see that the basketball became more demanding in the terms of physicality. As the time pass, players became much more faster and stronger, they can jump higher and it seems that nobody gets tired any more. We all have to adapt. We all have to evolve. Jumping is very important in basketball. If the player has a good vertical component, he will do things much easier on the court. 

Before we start talking about jump drills, I think it is important that we know the anatomy and the bio-mechanics of the motion. The main group of muscle that are involved in jumping are legs (thighs + shin), and the accessory groups are shoulder and core muscles (abs). 

Jump anatomy

I think every coach must expand his knowledge beyond just basketball. Only by doing this we can fully understand why are we doing some drills and what we want to accomplish by teaching them to our players. 

The jump starts with the whole body going down, so every muscle group is flexing. When the jump starts, the sequence begins with the arms and shoulders, which are followed with the abdominals and the legs come last. If you want to practice jumping, the players has to develop both strength and coordination of these muscles, and as always, we have a perfect drill for you.

Divide the team in 2 groups, put the hurldes on the floor and give everybody the medicine ball. The start position of the player is a basic triple threat stance, ball on the chin, knees bent a bit, foot slightly wider then the shoulders. Why this way? Because you want to mimic the jump shot motion and the rebound motion.

First, the players will jump forward over the trammels, and the ball has to go as high as possible. 

Bu jumping as high as they can, they are making the jump muscles stronger. And If you want to insist more on balance, make them do lateral jumps. 

Insist on landing soft and landing in the same position that they take off from.

Let's see the video.

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Apr 10, 2018 Coach Chris

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