Are your players tough enough?

Are your players tough enough?

Today I’ve got something awesome to share with you that will not only help reduce the risk of accidents during practice, but that will also toughen up your players to make them unstoppable.

If you are a coach reading this, you will know that most kids try to avoid contact where possible. I mean no one likes getting hit, right so who can blame them?

And if you are a parent, well...I’m certain you worry that every time your kid goes to practice or decides that they’re going to go out back and rough around with their basketball buddies that sooner or later…

...there might be a trip to the ER involved for a few broken bones.

But it’s a part of the game and they just have to get used it if they are serious about taking their game to the top.

As a coach you can quickly find out who can handle contact and who can't. The majority of kids I've coached don't like contact. The best training aid to help them get used to contact is the Toughness Training Pad that is specially designed to be lightweight to ensure absolute safety when practicing contact drills.

Training with this contact blocking pad can help get players used to contact so they won’t be flinching or ducking during gameplay as well as making sure their safety (and yours) is priority at all times.

I like to use two specific drills with the Toughness Training Pad which cover practicing one on one offense, shooting and rebounding.

Explaining this one in words can be tricky, so it’s better to see these tough pads in action.

Video #1 - One on One In Your Grill

This video drill will show you how to deal with contact when the defender is all up in your personal space. The Toughness Training Pad slides right over your arm to protect you and the player practicing from bumps and scrapes during contact. Watch the drill for yourself now by clicking below and scroll down the page until you hit the video section.

Video #2 - Shooting and Rebounding Drill Bounce and Pounce

The ultimate drill to get those rebounding reps tight. This drill will keep your players on their toes and working hard building up their shooting and rebounding skills while dealing with contact using the Toughness Training Pad. Watch the drill for yourself now by clicking below and scroll down the page until you hit the video section.

The Toughness Training Pad can be used for tons of fun stuff like:

  • Finishing Moves - contact at the rim
  • Rebounding - use the pad in rebounding drills to force the rebounder to be strong with the ball and land on balance
  • Stationary Dribbling - Pushing on kids to get them lower in their stance and lock in their core
  • Full Court Dribbling - Bodying up the ball handler to get them to protect the ball
  • Post Play - Bodying up an offensive post player to get them to really learn to get the ball down low
  • Shooting - holding up the pad to make kids shoot over a defender and create a higher arc

Start making your players tougher and handle intense defensive pressure with the Toughness Training Pad.

Have a great season!

Coach Chris

Hoops King

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Sep 27, 2018

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