Add this Post Play from Coach Mark Few to Your Offense

Running your offense through post will always give your players many options to get themselves in a better position to attack the basket. Let us see how Mark Few does it.

We will have Power Forward and Center on elbows, and the Small Forward and Shooting Guard on low post positions. Point Guard is with the ball. The guard from the one side will go up, towards the screen on elbow, and then he will change the side of the court and go for the second screen and receive the ball. Receiving 2 consecutive screens in combination with the L movement will put him in a good position to attack the basket.

Running through two high post screens in the L motion

The other wing player will run on he opposite side from the ball, and the Point Guard will position himself in the corner. 

Spacing in offense and making a good court geometry

Then, we have a screen between the big's, the player that is farther from the ball will receive the screen, and the screener will pop out. If there is bad switching on defense, your team will have easy layup, but if the switch is good the ball will go on the high post. 

High low screen for both low post entry pass and the high post shot

When the ball is on the high post position, there are 3 options depending on how the defense is reacting. We have high/low pass, which is perfect because it is 1 on 1 situation near the basket, the return pass for 3 point shoot if there is  help from the side from where the initial pass came from, or the continuation of the play by making a pass on the side where we have 2 players, one on the wing and one in the corner. 

High low pass and other options depending on defense reaction and movement

After the ball finishes in the corner, we have 2 screens for the player that was on the opposite side from the ball.

Two consecutive screens for the 3 point shot

   If you want to learn more offense that is played through post players, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

                                                                    Mark Few Running Your Offense Through the Post

Mar 23, 2018 Coach Chris

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