5 Tips for Traveling with Your Team

5 Tips for Traveling with Your Team

When it comes to traveling with your sports team as a coach, it can be a new experience spending time on the road or in the air with your team rather than alone. You may not know where to start when it comes to transporting everyone to the destination or finding accommodation with where you stay. If you want to enjoy a smooth and successful trip, there are a few tips to follow when traveling with your team.

Obtain Travel Insurance

Consider obtaining travel insurance to ensure that your funds are protected if you need to cancel the trip due to harsh weather conditions or a child that becomes ill before the trip. According to Visitors Coverage, “administrators, coaches, and officials may be personal liable for actions or incidents that occur during play and during travel related to play. Being well versed in insurance can protect you, and ensure the injured players are properly taken care of.” Travel insurance will offer peace of mind and is necessary due to the large group of people who you're traveling with for a game. Read the fine print that is included with the insurance to ensure that it will prove to be useful and doesn't have exclusions that may affect how much of the money that you get back.

Use the Right Mode of Transportation

The mode of transportation that you choose to use on your trip will determine how comfortable your team members are until reaching the destination. It's important to consider your budget and how much everyone can afford to spend to travel. According to Charter Rentals, coach buses are one of the most convenient and safest ways to transport a sports team to tournaments. Aside from comfortable seating and features like built-in TVs, coach buses also have a generous about of storage space for luggage and equipment. You also won't have to worry about everyone traveling separately, which can allow plenty of time for team building and will ensure that everyone arrives on time.

Plan your route in advance to ensure that you can arrive as soon as possible and can even make a few pit stops of places of interest that your team will enjoy.

Find Food Deals

One of the highest costs of traveling with your sports team is food, which can add up quickly when you're on the road and are getting snacks and meals throughout the day. If you want to avoid paying full price on food, opt for finding food deals or discounts through your hotel. Many hotels can offer discounts or coupons due to relationships that they have with eateries in the local area. You can also book a hotel or motel that offers free breakfast to save more money.

You can also stop at the grocery store once you arrive and stock up on snacks that are not only healthier but will prevent your team from eating out as much.

Provide a Packing List

Prepare a list of items for your players to pack to ensure that they don't leave anything behind for the trip. Print out a list or email it to each player to ensure that they understand what is needed. You can also recommend specific products that they can purchase and suggest how much money they need to bring for food, activities, and entertainment.

Set a Curfew

Getting enough sleep is a priority to ensure that your team is rested and can play their best during the trip. You'll need to set a curfew to ensure that they don't stay up too late or abuse their freedom. Group Tour Media explains, “your team will naturally be excited, and easily distracted while traveling. Pools at the hotel, easy access to fast food, and other options can tempt your team to make improper decisions. Have your team agree to abide by curfew rules, and post them in several places so they can’t deny knowing it.” Plan a time when everyone can eat breakfast together each morning to ensure that you can keep everyone on the same schedule and keep track of your players to avoid issues or complications.

Traveling with your team can be a smooth process by following the right tips. Knowing how to plan each part of the trip will offer convenience and can allow everyone to save more money.

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