3 Tricks to Help Improve Your Team's Spirit

3 Tricks to Help Improve Your Team's Spirit

Coaches are supposed to guide and to inspire their teams, and you need to support your players regardless of their overall performances. A team doesn't need to have a losing streak to need to be cheered up. These are three ways you can raise morale for your basketball team.

Emphasize History

Your team may feel discouraged because they don't really feel like they're playing for any real reason. Acknowledging history is an excellent way for them to better understand what's important. Talk to your team about the legacy of the team they're on. If they are the inaugural lineup for this team, inspire them by talking about how they could set the tone for a legendary team.

Make Something Physical

A common problem for teams is that players can end up not thinking about the game outside of games and practice. You can't expect them to have basketball on the mind 24/7, but some sort of memento can help them to have more sustained pride. According to Ultimate Promotions, having a pin, coin, medal, or more is a great way for people to take pride in their teams. Coins are often used in the military or police officers and help create a sense of unity and belonging to the group. You could personalize this for each of your teammates. Some of them might even be seen as good-luck charms that provide them some extra confidence before a game.

Find the Good in Every Game

Defining a team's success by winning and losing isn't a good strategy because it lets you miss how much growth a team can show even if they don't win. For instance, your team might lose a game, but there could also be a marked improvement in demonstrating fundamentals, such as passing. Keep track of what they're doing well, and tell your team that you notice their effort. According to Ohio University, it’s also good to commend any success, regardless of whether it's big or small. Talking to players on an individual basis can also help when they are feeling a lack of confidence in their performances. What's important is not making every basket or having every pass go perfectly; it's being kind to yourself and focusing on improvement as much as you can.

You cannot yell at or complain about a team to the point that they suddenly resolve all of their playing issues and learn how to fully cooperate with each other. If you want your team to improve but also stay mentally healthy, you need to be a supportive force as well as an expert. Using these methods can make your team happier and perform better.

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Nov 19, 2019

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