3 Reasons You Should Run the Baseline vs. the Press in Basketball

When you are facing the press defense of any kind, the most important play of your team is the in bound pass. Many teams have this kind of problem, and their players are constantly getting tired by getting free out of their guards, witch eventually leads to turnovers, and we all know that they mean easy buckets.

Ever thought of making your in bounder mobile? Make him run the baseline? How often do you see this on the basketball games? 

In bound pass: run the baseline

Running the baseline is important because you are making a better passing angles, and the better passing angles mean that the ball is traveling shorter distance from one player to the other one. 

Run the baseline and create better passing angles

Why are passing angles important?

They get the defense moving, they diminish the chance of turnover, they put your player in a better position on the court. 

On the next scheme you can see how the angle of the pass is dramatically changing to better with the in bounding player running the baseline. 

Create better passing lanes

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Mar 14, 2018 Coach Chris

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