Man-to-Man Defense Guide

Man-to-Man Defense Man-to-Man Defense is the most common defense in the game of basketball. You’ll see it used in every level of basketball from youth league all the way up to the professional leagues. This defense involves all five defensive players on the court being assigned one opposition player who they’re responsible for defending whenever they’re on defense. Players are often matched up by position, ability, or size. At times, pla

Posted by Coach Chris on Jun 22, 2020

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How to Jump Higher with Our Vertical Jump Guide

How to Jump Higher: the Vertical Jump Guide For Basketball & Volleyball Players How to Jump Higher Sections: What does Vertical Jump Mean? How do you Test your Vertical Jump? How can you increase your vertical jump? Does lifting weights increase vertical jump? Do Resistance bands help you jump higher? Does stretching help your vertical jump? What is the best vertical jump program to follow? How to dunk a basketball? What are the benefits of j

Posted by Coach Chris on Jun 20, 2020

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Choose Best Basketball Net for Your Hoop

Basketball is a great game that millions of people enjoy playing. At any level, people who are playing basketball worldwide enjoy the moments, from the biggest to the smallest. One of these small moments of satisfaction is the sound and look of the ball going through the rim and falling through the net. The basketball net is the one that gives that extra feeling while scoring. True basketball lovers are completely addicted to that 'swish' sound and carefully choose their basketball net

Posted by Chris Hungerford on Jun 19, 2020

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Complete Guide to Basketball Positions

Positions in basketball can be called by name or by number. Here is the most common terms and definitions for basketball positions: What is the 1 Position in Basketball? Point Guard or a 1 - this basketball player that handles the ball the most typically and is in charge of running the offense. Some point guards are more passers than scorers. If they look to score often they are considered a combo-point guard. A point guard that can shoot well from the 3 point line is very effective w

Posted by Coach Chris on Jun 11, 2020

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2-1-2 Zone Defense Guide

2-1-2 Zone Defense A zone defense can be exactly what a team needs to neutralize their opponent. Changing from a man-to-man defense to zone means players focus on guarding a specific area of the court rather than a specific player. The goal of a zone defense is to disrupt the offense and force them out of their game plan. Some teams may play a zone defense the entire game while others may implement it for a single possession to cause chaos on the defensive

Posted by Coach Chris on Jun 09, 2020

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