(Rental)-Bill Self Open Practice: Defensive Drills & Concepts

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    Defense Drills: Open Practice with Bill Self

    Building a dominating defense has helped Kansas head coach Bill Self win 15 Big 12 regular season titles, amass over 700 career wins, and win a national championship in 2008. In this video, Coach Self shows you how he builds a man-to-man defense from the half-court to the full court. You learn the fundamental defensive principles that form the basis of the Kansas program along with eight newcomers to the Jayhawks program.

    Man-to-Man Shell Defense Drills

    A series of 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5 drills are used to instill the man-to-man philosophy taught by Self. Using the shell drill, Self teaches players how to close out to the ball from the help side and one pass away. Communication is discussed here and is paramount in players moving from pressuring the ball to help side defense and back again.

    Coach Self addresses specific aspects of the half-court defense like defending dribble hand-offs. Big-to-big switches is a simple way to defend this threat. He also gets into how to defend the same action with a guard and a big. Yet another aspect covered in this section is guarding the “pinch post” action.

    How to Defend the Screen

    Since his teams see so many screens, Coach Self spends time on the subject. You will see how Kansas defends the post-on-post screen and down screen. Also presented are a number of techniques used by Self’s players to defend ball screens including flat hedge, trap, and hard hedge. You will watch as Self challenges his players to get the moves right.

    Half & Full Court Team Defense Drills

    After addressing the half-court defense, Coach Self puts everything together in a 5-on-5 full court session. Many of the concepts learned earlier in the presentation are reviewed, re-taught, and stressed during the 5-on-5 session. Self also addresses transition defense and philosophy.

    The passion that Coach Self has for defense and attention to detail is evident throughout his entire presentation. You will learn the simple secret to playing dominating man-to-man defense as Coach Self breaks everything down very clearly. Using Coach Self’s Jayhawk defense, your teams will be prepared to dominate opponents. Rent this open practice Defense Drills & concepts DVD today.

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