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  • (Rental)-Bill Cartwright Post Drills
  • Bill Cartwright Post Drills by Bill Cartwright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bill Cartwright’s Dominate the Paint! Post Drills

    Bill Cartwright was a five-time NBA champion (3 as a player, 2 as a coach), a two-time college All-American, and an NBA head coach. He was one of the most difficult centers to guard during his 16-year NBA career. In this video, Cartwright shares the drills he learned as a player and picked up as a coach in the NBA and at the international level.

    Battle on the Boards

    The drills begin with a warmup routine that works on players’ footwork and finishing skills. Players also learn to battle on the inside and claim the ball off the boards in a series of finishing drills in 1-on-1, 1-on-2, and 1-on-3 situations.

    Strong Scoring Drills 

    Cartwright emphasizes that players must be strong when attacking the post with the dribble. To work on that skill, Cartwright shares a series of dribbling drills for posts. They work on developing a strong, go-to dribble move to create scoring opportunities around the rim. Cartwright demonstrates the Lopez Drill where players learn to seal their man off with their legs and then use a power dribble to score from any angle on the floor. The Claim the Ball Series teaches players to clear out opponents in order to take up space and attack the basket.

    4 Ways to Enter to the Post 

    You will see four ways to get the ball inside to your post player. Cartwright then shows post moves off of each of these entries. The workout concludes with a full-court 1-on-1 drill that teaches players to sprint up the floor to gain an offensive advantage and score.

    The 75-minute presentation, conducted on the court, can be used in its entirety or coaches can break it up into the drills they would like to use. Plus, Cartwright offers more than just skills. He also tips and tidbits of information that will make your players better in the long run. There is also an element of toughness that Cartwright exudes through the presentation.

    Using these drills will give your post players a much better understanding of scoring in the post, playing physically, and using multiple moves to finish at the rim. Rent this Post Drill DVD today.

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