Yoga Hoops Basketball Yoga Workout

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Basketball Yoga Workout with NBA Trainer Kent Katich

Do you want to jump higher, increase quickness & speed, have more flexiblity and avoid injuries?  NBA players know that Yoga workouts have great benefits and has become a common training practice over the last 15 years.  Even LeBron James does yoga workouts for basketball.

Kent Katich has coached some of the best athletes in the world using yoga to improve their performance, build a better body and decrease injuries. Katich has been implementing yoga training for the past 15 years into athletic programs throughout the country. Using a dynamic approach to the disciplne of yoga Katich has reshaped the attitudes and training methods of hundreds of the sporting world's top athletes. Katich has been featured on "Inside the NBA", "CNN", "ESPN", "NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad", "GOOD DAY L.A." and "Vista LA" and has appeared on "NBA CHANNEL". He has also appeared in numerous major publications including "MENS FITNESS", "MENS JOURNAL", "PEOPLE", "US WEEKLY", "IN TOUCH" and "SPORTS and FITNESS". Katich is the owner of the "Yoga Court" near the UCLA campus in West Los Angeles, CA. He continues to work with professional teams, sports agencies, world class athletes, hollywood celebrities and everyone wanting to take their bodies to the next level.

Yoga Hoops - Basketball Yoga Workout to Keep You Fresh During the Season

This basketball yoga DVD features two workouts.  The first workout is about 22 minutes and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go.  This is a great in-season workout to follow along with. Just put the DVD in and Kent Katich will take you through the real time workout. This is a great workout to do anytime during the season and especially the day after a game to avoid aches, pains, and stiffness. You'll keep your body fresh throughout the season with this routine.

The second yoga basketball routine on the DVD is around 40 minutes is great to build your flexibility in the off-season when you have more time to dedicate to your personal training workouts.  This workout can also be used during the season when may feel like you needs more recovery from a game or have some extra aches and pains during the season.

Kent Katich is a Trainer to NBA stars so you will get the most beneficial yoga moves that will help your game.

Basketball Yoga Workouts Can Increase Your Vertical Jump

How can yoga help me jump higher?  Yes, the more flexilbe you are the more power you can generate.  Think of it this way - the further you can move your muscle the more power you can generate which will help you jump higher.  Order your copy of Yoga Hoops basketball yoga workout today.

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