(Rental)-25 Perimeter & Post Skill Development Drills

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    Basketball Team Drills with Tara VanDerveer

    With over 1,000 career wins, Stanford women’s head basketball coach Tara VanDerveer knows a thing or two about how to improve perimeter and post players. In this video, the Hall of Fame coach shows you over 25 different drills that will help your players better on offense. VanDerveer uses a number of different equipment devices to challenge players and she will teach you how you can combine elements like shooting, dribbling, and even defense into your everyday drills.

    Basketball Team Drills to Start Practice

    With the help of her lead assistant and on-court demonstrations, Coach VanDerveer shows you the Cone Drill which is a typical practice starter. All practices at Stanford begin with ball-handling drills and the Cone Drill allows players to work on a variety of attacking moves from a number of spots on the floor. Jab and Sweep is another drill where players learn to catch a perimeter pass and immediately attack an opponent.

    VanDerveer incorporates several elements into the 7-5-3-1 and 5-4-3 drills. Players attack and get shots up then move into a 1-on-1 with a fresh defender. Using down screens and making a variety of reads are taught in these drills, which also serve as great conditioners.

    In addition to perimeter drills, Coach VanDerveer also presents a few of her favorite post drills. One is the Mikan Circle, a drill that has five to six players working on hook shots close to the basket. Like many of her other drills, the Mikan Circle also serves as a conditioning drill. One of a post player’s most necessary skills is the ability to catch an entry pass. The Mirror Passing and Mikan Quick Catch drills work a post player’s ability to receive the basketball.

    Basketball Team Drills to Improve Player's Skills

    Over the years, VanDerveer has developed some of the best talent in the nation and she has two national championships to prove it. This 71-minute video will help you develop a practice routine that will challenge your players in a multitude of ways. Coach VanDerveer lays out a model for helping players improve their individual basketball skills while at the same time working on teamwork skills. Any program can benefit from Coach VanDerveer’s years of experience at the pinnacle of the game.

    Rent this great basketball team drills DVD today.

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