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    Basketball Skills Training with Bob Hoffman

    Bob Hoffman is one of the best small college coaches in America. He consistently has teams that over-achieve by placing an emphasis on skill development. This basketball skills training DVD offers an unprecedented inside look into the exact drills that Hoffman used to development his team into tournament darlings that once upset #2 seeded Duke. All the drills you will see will be done in a live practice format so coaches will know exactly how they can implement everything they see.

    Ball Handling

    Ball handling is a vital part of any program and Hoffman does not neglect it. In these sessions, players develop dribbling and passing skills with both hands along with proper footwork while facing a defender. Hoffman shows a tremendous close-out drill that uniquely works on the offenses ball handling fundamentals along with defensive close-out technique.

    Perimeter Play

    An efficient offensive play has to be able to score from the perimeter with two or less dribbles. Hoffman's teams are terrific at this aspect of their game in no small part because of the drills shown in this section. Help your players develop a dizzying array of jab steps, pump fakes, and quick first steps that will make them a nightmare to stay in front of.


    Hoffman shows a variety of highly efficient passing drills. Most coaches use passing drills with no defense but that is not what you will see here. Players are required to pass, with both hands, using a variety of angles and types of passes based on what the defense is doing. This added layer of competition will make a normally boring skill to practice much more fun for your players.

    Position Play

    While basketball is ever shifting towards a positionless game, most coaches still do and should work on position specific skills. Hoffman shows a great outline for how you can do that in your practice by dividing his guards and forwards into two groups. Guards work on perimeter play, cutting, and ball handling while the forwards focus on sealing and finishing inside.


    Coaches often neglect practicing layups because of the supposed ease of the shot. However, most players struggle with layups when a defense is present so it is important to give players reps in this situation. Hoffman shows a series of half-court and full-court drills that really challenge the players ability to finish strong at rim with contact. These drills are great conditioners and will also increase the energy of the practice.

    It does not matter what level you are coaching the fundamentals of basketball will never change. This DVD offers you a tremendous opportunity to grow your teams individual ball handling and skill in a competitive and upbeat fashion.

    Rent this basketball skills training DVD today.

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