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    Green Light Shooting: Determining Shot Selection Basketball and Shot Distribution

    University of Arkansas women’s head basketball coach Mike Neighbors is well known throughout coaching circles for his ability to coach millennial players to success. Coach Neighbors has been the common factor behind rebuilding efforts at Tulsa, Xavier, and Washington. With 25 years of experience in the game, Coach Neighbors has developed what he calls the “Green Light” shooter. He has developed a proven method to justify roles within a program. In this video, Coach Neighbors shares his “Green Light License” and a number of shooting drills that will improve shot consistency and endurance.

    Green Light Shot License

    The key to Coach Neighbors’ offensive hierarchy is determining which players can be “Green Light” shooters. Using a time-tested proven method, Neighbors can identify which players have the freedom to take more shots. The system allows Neighbors to address those who feel that a certain player takes too many shots or other players that deserve more shots. The Green Light License justifies team roles through shooting percentages in drills, practices, and games.

    Basketball Shooting Drills

    Coach Neighbors shares 10 perimeter drills, including both individual and team shooting drills. Each of the drills has the opportunity to qualify a player as a green light perimeter shooter. You will see drills like “Sobered Shooting” and “And-1 Shooting” which can be used in a number of ways. They can be used as green light qualifiers, standards for your team, or in pre- or post-practice situations. Coach Neighbors also includes a few team shooting drills that prepare players for “game shots from game spots at game pace.”

    The whole “Green Light” policy and the qualifying drills have been used in a number of ways by Coach Neighbors. One way the content in this video can be used is to help defend your best player’s shot selection. It also helps coaches in player or parent meetings centered on playing time and/or shot volume.

    This 113-minute shot selection basketball video from Coach Neighbors is a must-have for coaches looking not only to improve shot selection and shooting, but also for those coaches that need to answer any locker room debates or to answer any players’ or parents’ questions regarding shot volume and/or playing time. Rent this shot selection basketball DVD today.

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