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There are various types of zone offense to attack the various types of zone defenses you will face. Just as with man to man offense you need proper spacing when running a zone offense.  Now since in a zone defense players are guarding an area you can overload an area to leave players really not guarding anyone.  This technique can stretch and distort a zone and get players out of their normal duties.

What is the Best Zone Offense ?

Typically you want to play a zone offense that puts your offensive players in the gaps of the defense.  For example, against a 2-3 zone you would put 3 perimeter players against the two top defenders. Against a 1-3-1 zone defense, you would put two players splitting the top of the zone.  Now this is typical but not how it has to be done.

Running a simple zone offense is usually the best for your players because they will still need a man to man offense they will have to work on as well.  Keep in mind how many teams you face will play zone so you are giving your zone offense ample time in practice.  If you are going to play 20 games and 10 of those games will be against zone defenses then your time spent practicing offense should be proportional to that.

You can use many techniques that you use in Man to Man Offense in a Zone Offense.  Don't just pass the basketball vs a zone defense.  You can drive the gaps which will usually draw at least two players meaning you have 3 defenders left guarding 4 offensive players - which means someone is open.

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Joe Raso

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Joe Raso: Zone Attack! Looking for ways to score against a zone defense? Former McMaster University (Canada) head coach and Canadian National Team Scout Joe Raso has been studying zone defenses his entire career and has developed an attacking mindset...

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