Basketball Set Plays

Basketball Plays DVDs for Rent

Learn basketball plays from the best college coaches in the game.  By renting our basketball plays DVDs you will have plays for any situation in a basketball game.  You can run set plays underneath the basket which are called Baseline Out of Bounds Plays (BLOB).  Plays run on the side of the court are called Sideline Out of Bounds Plays (SLOB).

There are many plays for various offenses called Quick Hitters.  These plays are used to try to get a quick score before getting into the actual offense you run.  These basketball plays can be run against a man to man or zone defense.

Basketball Plays - What Shot Do You Need?

When selecting a play for your team you should think about what type of shot you need.  So have plays for various situations in the game.  How much time is left?  What is the score? You should have a play for just about every situation your team will face in a game. How will you score at the end of the game with just seconds left?  You'll probably need a full court play to try to get the best shot you can.

What's the score? Have a play to get the ball inside for a layup or close shot.  If you are down 3 or more you'll need a play for 3 point shot.  You can also find basketball plays for your best players with various options in the play.  You need to practice the various options in a play so that you can have the best chance for success when running it.  You also need to work on the counters to how the defense plays the play.  If the defense does one thing you should have a counter that will negate what they are trying to do.  The defense should always be wrong.

Rent our Basketball Plays DVDs today and get the best plays from the best coaches.