Shooting Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills DVDs for Rent

Our Rental DVD Library features a great selection of basketball shooting drills DVDs that you can rent by mail.  We suggest renting several DVDs so that you can find basketball shooting drills that will fit your team or workout the best.

Beginner & Youth Basketball Shooting Drills

Many of the DVDs will cover how to shoot the basketball as a beginner or youth player.  There are from shooting dirlls on these videos that will help you learn how to teach youth basketball players the correct way to shoot the basketball.  There are usually fun basketball shooting drills on these DVDs geared for younger players.  If you are a youth basketball coach you should rent several of these beginner shooting drills DVDs to that you can teach your young players how to shoot the basketball the correct way from the beginning.  The earlier you instill how to shoot the basketball to youth players the better they will be in the long run.

Best Basketball Shooting Drills

So what are the best basketball shooting drills?  You want to use drills that will help players make shots in games.  The common saying is to take Game Shots, from Game Spots, at Game Speed. So make the shooting dirlls you use as game like as possible.  If a player is too slow to shoot in a drill they will never get the ball off in a real game.  Players should aim to make 70 to 80% of their shots during drills when no one is guarding them.  In a game this will fall to hopefully making 40 to 50% of their shots under the pressure of defense and a game.  The DVDs feature various types of pressure that you can add to the shooting drills so that they are more game like.

Rent our Basketball Shooting Drills DVDs today and learn to teach shooting like the Pros.