Passing Drills

Youth Basketball Passing Drills DVDs for Rent

Passing is a critical part of baksetball and being able to catch and pass the basketball is a fundamental skill every player should master and it should be done as early as possible.  So who does that responsibility fall on?  Typically a youth coach.  So if you are in a league they might pass out a drill book with a few drills in it or you can go look on YouTube and find a bunch of drills.  But what if there was more than that?  What is there was a plan to build great passers?  That's were our DVDs can help you go from your everyday parent coach to helping your young team master passing skills early and learn the correct way to pass a basketball.  By renting our basketball passing drills DVDs you will get the best passing drills from the best coaches. 

You will also get progression drills that will build upon one another.  So you aren't just doing a bunch of drills off YouTube but you have a plan to help your players become great passers and drills to challenge them for a long time.  Basketball is about progression and getting better practice after practice and season after season.  Rent several of our basketball passing drills DVDs and you'll look like a Pro when you coach.

Basketball Passing Drills Are More than Chest Passes

Too often coaches run through the obligatory chest and bounce pass drills and that's the only drills and emphasis they put on passing the entire season.  Then when the turnovers start in games the coach tells the players to throw good passes.  You have to work on your passing in game situations not just partner drills.  Our great basketball passing drills DVDs will show you as a coach there is much more to just lining kids up and having them throw some passes back and forth.  Rent basketball passing drills DVDs today and Coach Like a Pro.