Offensive Drills

Offensive Basketball Drills DVDs for Rent

No matter what type of offense you run we have offensive basketball drills DVDs for rent by mail where you can learn from the top college basketball coaches.  You'll look like a Pro Coach no matter if you are a youth coach or a high school coach.  When you view these DVDs and learn the Tips, Tricks, & Secrets the best coaches know you'll be head and shoulders above your competition.  You'll know how to attack any defense and any adjustment they might make.  What is comes down to is that you will always be onen step ahead.  As coaches, we always want our players to work and get better and so should you as a coach.

Offensive Basketball Drills for Man to Man Offense

Use the offensive drills on the DVDs to build your offense during practice.  Practice shooting drills that replicate actions in your offense.  For example, if you pass and screen away in your offense, make that a shooting drill where a player passes and screens away.  The player getting screened for would get a shot and the player that screened would get a shot.  Both players would get shots that would come to them in the offense based on their action.  This way players learn the offense and what reads to make and then what actions to take.

1 on 1 offensive basketball drills are important for players to develop good offensive skills that will give them confidence to attack in real games.  The more 1 on 1 reps you can give your players the more they will feel comfortable trying to score in games.

3 on 3 are good offensive drills to do as well because players will get more touches of the ball and your weaker offensive players will be forced to get into the action and not defer to the stronger players. Rent our Offensive Basketball Drills DVDs and coach offense like a Pro.