Footwork Drills

Basketball Footwork Drills DVDs for Rent by Mail

Basketball is a game where you use your feet to get into position to use your hands. Developing footwork is key to being a good basketball player. It doesn’t matter how good you are with your hands if your feet can’t get you where you need to go on the court.  That's why you should rent our Basketball Footwork Drills DVDs by mail so you can get the best drills and workouts to develop your basketball footwork.

Basketball Footwork Drills from Top Coaches & Trainers

Micah Lancaster's Basketball Footwork Drill system is one of our customer's favorite DVDs to rent.  Micah shows you how to develop great footwork during dribbling drills in a confined area. Jay Wright's basketball footwork drills DVD is another customer favorite as Jay has footwork drills that include shooting drills, cutting drills, along with passing footwork drills.

Pivoting is one of the most fundamental skills that basketball players need to master. Pivoting is keeping one foot down and moving the other foot. Pivoting is important to pass the ball vs defensive pressure and attacking off the dribble. You can improve your footwork in basketball by jumping rope and doing agility drills. Footwork can be improved on both offense and defense. Defensive footwork can be improved by doing defensive slides and quickness drills.

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