Conditioning Drills

Basketball Conditioning Drills DVDs for Rent

When of the most often asked questions when it comes to basketball conditioning drills is if you should make your players run sprints.  The answer is it depends.  Sometimes players need to be disciplined and running sprints is a way to do that.  Coach Chris with HoopsKing suggests that if you are not disciplining players condition is much better done through drills with a basketball in the players hands.  Your conditioning drills should just be part of practice and especially any drill that is full court.

So what are some basketball conditioning drills you can do instead of running sprints or suicides?  Simply have them run sprints or suicides while dribbling the basketball?  Make it a race between the players and they'll run harder than they would just doing sprints and they won't even think they are doing conditioning! Any full court dribbling drill can be a conditioning drill.  Running relay races while dribbling is another good simple basketball conditioning drill.

Basketball Conditioning Drills with Fundamental Skills

Our basketball conditioning drills DVDs will show you how to make your conditioning game like and work on basketball fundamentals.  Incorporate passing, dribbling, shooting and more into conditioning.  So now can you see that you can improve your team's skills and condition them at the same time?  It's a waste of time to just have kids run back and forth touching lines when they could be improving their skills and having more fun.

If you plan your practice correctly conditioning shouldn't be just at the end of practice but use various drills throughout the practice to condition your players.  Basketball conditioning drills also just don't have to be running.  You can use core exercises to help increase strength and endurance as well.  Pushups, Planks, Body weight Squats are all good ways to condition as well.  Rent our basketball conditioning drills DVDS to see how the Pros condition their players.