Trap Defense

Trap Defense

Trap Defense Basketball DVDs for Rent

The Trap Defense in Basketball takes various forms.  You can run a trap defense in the full or half court.  Trapping the offense means putting two players on the ball and containing that player so that they have to pass out of the two person trap.  The defense will make any pass out of the trap as difficult as possible hoping to cause a turnover by the offense.

Half Court Trap Defense

A half court trap defense in basketball will typically be in a 1-3-1 set.  The goal of a trapping defense is to use the sidelines as extra defenders so the traps areas on the court are next to the sidelines.  Now you can run any formation you want in the half court and even run a man to man half court trapping defense.  You can run any full court trapping defense in the half court by just adjusting it to the half court.

Why Trap Half Court vs. Full Court?

When you trap in the full court one advantage is that if you get a steal you are typically closer to your own basket which makes it easier to score.  The other team also has to worry more about getting the ball across half court before a ten second violation occurs.

An advantage to a half court trap is that there are more players in a smaller space.  This makes it more difficult to throw long passes that can beat the defense.  It also makes it harder for players who are good dribblers and are fast to beat you off the dribble. With more open space in a full court trap a player that is quick and can dribble can more easily beat the defense if they don't contain the dribbler very well.

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