2-3 Zone Defense

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The 2-3 Zone Defense in basketball is sometimes called an equalizer allowing teams that aren’t as athletic and talented to compete with teams that out class them. The 2-3 Zone has two players at the top of the zone and 3 at the bottom. The top two players are responsible for guarding the top and wing offensive players.

The two bottom forwards of the zone guard the ball when it is in the corners and help defend the wing with the guards. This action is called bumping. This allows the 2-3 Zone Defense to guard 3 guards at the top with only two people.

The middle of the zone is responsible for defending the low blocks and the middle of the zone. This will usually be the tallest player on the team.

Master the 2-3 Zone Defense & Dominate Your League

The 2-3 Zone strengths are guarding the corner and low blocks. The zone is weakest in the high post area and the middle. Many teams will attempt to attack the 2-3 zone with a high low offensive attack.

Teams can trap in the 2-3 zone from a variety of spots as well as a half-court trap. The top guards can trap the corner with the bottom forwards with the other top guard rotating over to only allow a pass across the court. If there is no offensive player in the corner you can trap the ball on the wings with the top guard and the bottom forward.

Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse 2-3 Zone Defense is legendary and we have multiple videos from Coach Boeheim that detail how he runs his zone. The Syracuse All-Access DVDs show the breakdown drills Syracuse uses to teach all of the positions of the zone.

Al Marshall’s 2-3 Zone videos are very good as well and really detail how to play multiple offensive attacks. Coach Marshall will teach you how to handle when the ball goes into the short corner and many other offensive sets along with how to drill them with your players.

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