Basketball Defense Videos - Coach Defense Like a Pro

This is our main category of Basketball Defense videos.  You can rent a DVD over any basketball defense you want.  And if you do you will learn how to coach basketball defense like the Top College Coaches do.  You will see the top college basketball coaches show how they teach defense, all the tips and tricks, & secrets that you can take right to the court and apply right away.

Think about that - you could rent a 2-3 Zone Defense video or two, learn how to adjust to absolutely anything another team would do. You always have the answer.  You will dominate other coaches in games because you will already know exactly what to do.  Work on these adjustmetns with your team through the season and by the end of the year you won't even have to call a timeout to make an adjustment.  But it might happen even earlier than that because you'll see how the top coaches teach their players to learn things quickly so you can use these methods to become a better teacher with your team.

Basketball Defense - Learn from the Top College Coaches

Rent DVDs from Legends like Bobby Knight, Geno Auriemma, and other great coaches.  We also have young coaches like Shaka Smart so you can learn his Havoc Defense. You can also rent special basketball defense videos like the Triangle & Two and  Box and One Defenses.

Learn how to dominate offensive actions like the Pick & Roll.  Most high school teams will be able to do one or two things out of a pick and roll, but you can learn how to stop everything in a pick and roll - but have your team focus on what will work best against an opponent who runs the pick and roll.  But the point is, no matter what they do you will be prepared for it.

Rent our Basketball Defense videos to dominate your opponents and the opposing coaches.

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    Pat Summitt

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    For the 2009-10 season, get "All-Access" to Pat SummittÕs season-opening practice at the University of Tennessee Basketball drills to practice all aspects of basketball, including conditioning, shooting, and full court drills The Lady...
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