Rick Torbett

Rick Torbett - Creator of the Better Basketball Videos

We have a large selection of Coach Rick Torbett DVDs for rent.  From his Better Basketball instructional series to the Read &  React Offense you can rent them all from HoopsKing.  Rick Torbett started with the Better Basketball instructional series videos which started with the Better Ball Handling DVD.  From there the Better Shooting DVD was release.  Rick went on to release Better Passing, Better Defense, Better 1 on 1 Offense, Better Post Play, and even Better Free Throw Shooting.  The Better Basketball videos are known for being very in depth and detailed.  Most of them are well over 2 hours long so there is lots to learn from Coach Rick Torbett.

Rick Torbett - Creator of the Read and React Offense Videos

Coach Rick Torbett is the creator of the Read & React Offense.  The React & React Offense is a positionless basketball offense meaning any player can play any position.  The offense consists of 20 layers of basketball actions.  These actions are laid out in a fashion so that once your team masters one layer you can introduce the next layer.  Most teams don't use all 20 layers so you can use whatever works for your team and their skill level.  With 20 layers there a lots of options for you as a coach.  This is a good offense to use and teach players how to play instead of making them robots running plays.

Rick Torbett - Creator of Dynamic Defense Video Series

Coach Rick Torbett also create the Dynamic Defense series which teaches team defense.  It's a very thorough look at man to man defense and uses terminology to help your players better understand how to play good tough team man to man defense.  Rent Rick Torbett DVDs today.