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    Basketball Practice Warm-up Drills

    Every practice starts with some pre-practices drills in order to warm you up. In these pre-practice drills, there are individual workouts to improve offensive moves, conditioning, shooting and positioning for help side and on-ball defense.

    The players will perform a series of full-court drills that will help the players gain focus and get their mind straight about what they are going to achieve in their basketball practice. After the players are warmed up the coach Miller and his staff will lead them through a 2-ball, 3-man shooting series to teach shooting and attacking the basket hard off of the dribble.

    Transition Offense and Rebounding

    In order to train the players for sprinting on the floor hard while in transition looking to get a pass or to score the coach uses his circle transition and 4-on-4 baseline touch series. Apart from this, the coach will also make the player go through his Phoenix and Drag secondary screening series. With the help of using progressions, ball screening and a looping movement the coach Miller will emphasize on taking advantage of post touches.

    Basketball Practice Defense Drills

    The Coach Miller wants to crowd the pain and shut down all gaps that are allowing dribble penetration into the lane to score, the coach will make use of Pack Line Defense. The players will learn the defense by practicing the drills like 2-on-2 gap closeouts, 3-on-4 shell, 3-on-3 shell and live play, and using baseball scoring. Apart from this there are some other drills that the players will go through that will help them improve their performance level. Coach Miller's 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 will come in handy to build on-the-ball toughness. Furthermore, to trap the post players and how to build the zone defense on regular basis, the coach Miller will share his philosophy.

    Basketball Practice Offense Drills

    For the offensive end, the coach Miller will make use of film and on-court demonstration that will guide the players in coach's half-court passing game offense. The Wildcat staff will focus on screening, cutting, reads and details what needs to be done for successful offense. There are lots of other things that you are going to learn as well like Miller's set play family series which will enable all the players have a connection on the court with a proper goal to help each other.

    Special Situations

    You will also get deep information on Miller’s baseline and sideline out of bounds series that will enable you to achieve a quick score. This will also help you to get the basketball into the passing scheme of offensive execution. Rent this basketball practice template by Sean Miller today.

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