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    Basketball Practice Template with Ben Jacobson

    Three-time Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year Ben Jacobson of Northern Iowa shares his basketball practice template and drill instruction in this video to help you produce better results in live game action. Coach Jacobson has been extremely successful at Northern Iowa – he has the most career wins of any UNI head coach – and he doesn’t hold back in this open practice presentation. Jacobson shows you how he builds his on-ball and off-ball defense at Northern Iowa.

    Warm-Up for Basketball Practice

    The warm up portion of the presentation consists of Coach Jacobson and his staff demonstrating a number of drills used to improve footwork, balance, and the closeout. Jacobson stresses two key fundamentals – closing out to contest the shot and keeping the hands wide to defend the dribble.

    The warm up drills then progress to longer closeouts where players must take short steps to remain in contact with the floor as they execute the closeout. The warm up drills progress to 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5 scenarios where Coach Jacobson emphasizes being light on the feet, keeping the head on a swivel, and always being ready to move.

    Transition Defense Drills

    Teams that win in transition are usually teams that win plenty of games. Teams must be able to convert offensively in transition when they have an advantage. Likewise, teams must be able to defend in transition when they are at a disadvantage. Coach Jacobson shares a transition drill that addresses both the offensive and defensive ends.

    Half-Court Defense

    Coach Jacobson’s basketball practice template concludes with two drills he uses to teach his half-court defense. Teams must have the ability to produce stops in the half-court game especially when at a disadvantage. Jacobson presents these drills:

    • Butler Drill: Starts as a 4-on-3 drill where the defense must communicate, cover for each other and rotate. Emphasis is on defending the ball one-on-one to reduce the number of rotations.
    • Shutout Drill: This is a 5-on-5 drill that teaches the defense to make stops until the 35-second shot clock runs out. The clock resets when the offense scores, gets an offensive rebound, or is fouled.

    Coach Jacobson’s 72-minute basketball practice template video is a wonderful presentation if you are looking to raise the level of your team defense this season. You will see how you can organize your practices and get the most of your time on the court. Rent this basketball practice template DVD today.

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