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    Basketball Practice 1 w/ Ryan Looney

    You will get to learn each and everything related to Swing Offense. From implementation to running the players will learn everything in the Disc 1 related to the Swing Defense. You will see how the coach Looney will make the players learn every important thing and how he will make the players go through well designed practice with segments which are related to teaching the swing defense along with some other drills for shooting and skill development.

    The first practice session is very much related to the Swing Defense and the Seattle Pacific coaching staff give their huge amount of time to swing defense 5v5 and breaking down the offense into different parts for position breakdown drills. The drills such as the 21 continuous and fast break offense will be used to work on the transition offense. These drills are very hand as these will help the players to score on the fast break or to transition into the offense.

    When it comes to defensive side, the Coach Looney works really hard and makes his team work on defending the swing defense in a 5v5 shell drill. Not only this but the players will also be working on defensive closeouts to the ball and defending the side pick and roll. In the end, the coach Looney along with the Seattle Pacific staff will work on skill development and shooting drills by working with post and guard players.

    Basketball Practice 2 w/ Ryan Looney

    In the second basketball practice session, the coach Williams will be demanding hard work and focus from the players that will help them to create a winning program. He will also work on the previous practices by focusing on transitioning into the swing offense and also improving the team defense with the help of break down drills.

    The team will be taking part in the breakdown drills again for the swing defense and for the individual skill development. When in the skill development phase, the back-to-the-basket and finishing through contact will be used by post players and the guards will be working on shot ups with three-man/two-ball shooting.

    Defending side ball screens in a 4-on-4 shell drill is very important and that is why the Seattle Pacific coaches will spend huge amount of time on it. The players will also be learning lots of other techniques for various offensive situations which includes baseline stagger screens and pin-down screens.

    The basketball practice session will come to an end with a competitive 5-on-5 scrimmage. This will allow the team an opportunity to get a game-like scenario in their day’s breakdown drills. Rent Ryan Looney's basketball practice DVD today.

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