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    Herb Magee Shooting Drills, Tips, & More

    You will go through the defense, offense, transition game and also the player development in the All Access DVD by Coach Magee. There are three overall live practices that will help you take your game to the next level. You will get to learn why he is one of the great basketball instructors. He details all the little things that can help a player transform his game and that can make him successful in his program and in the game of the basketball.

    You will get an in depth look at coach Magee shooting drills. You will also realize why he is considered as the Shot Doctor. Magee will make you understand everything and will also choose the best certain drills. He will also provide you proper explanations about the chosen drills and why he feels the drills are important for his current team. So, there is proper communication between the coach Magee and the players.

    Now coming to the offensive side, the coach Magee will focus on the Flex Offense entry sets, quick hitters and also the special situation plays. With his immense experience and years of coaching, Magee has learned that simple works.

    Herb Magee Shooting Drills & Practice 1:

    The very first Herb Magee Shooting practice is very important as in this practice the coach Magee will teach shooting to his players. The players will learn to have a better release and follow through with the help of coach Magee active shooting warm-up. You will also get to learn partner shooting, that will eventually help the players get stability and learn how to step into their shot and get the shooting form with stability.

    The players will execute the Dummy Offense that will develop their rotational patterns of the fast break attack. This Dummy Offense will give a start to the Magee daily routine. The daily routine practices will come to an end when the players will work on their rebounding skills using 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 drill sets.

    After all this, the coach Magee will go on to explain how his teams will be able to defend variety of screening actions with the help of jamming, hedging and blitzing techniques. The players will be able to develop a great footwork skills when they will work on how to guard screening action drill by coach Magee. This will allow the players to quickly get through or around screens.

    The first practice session will come to an end with an offensive breakdown. The Low Series will be introduced that will mark an end to the first practice session. The Low Series is basically quick hitting actions that will lead into their Flex Offense. So, what does coach Magee do exactly in the Low Series? Well, he runs actions that will lead into their strengths like the Low 5 for their post player. The players will get the opportunity to learn the Low First to teach players how they can use a back cut to get open and score out of transition and that too with quick speed. A 1-4 high and low sets will also be used that you can easily take and utilize into your offensive set system right away.

    Herb Magee Basketball Practice 2:

    You will go through three new offensive sets after you end up with the daily shooting, rebounding and transition routine. The three new offensive sets are very hand if you have a consistent jump shooter or a solid post player. In Missouri, the post player and the point guard will work on the screening actions that will help to get a back door lay-up or a post feed for an easy finish around the rim. When it comes to the Cross’Em, the coach Magee makes use of the guard crossing action to create the backdoor play. This backdoor play will increase your chances of scoring a goal for sure. Rent the Herb Magee Shooting 

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