(Rental)-Basketball Practice Drills & Special Situations

  • (Rental)-Basketball Practice Drills & Special Situations
  • Basketball Practice Drills & Special Situations by Tod Kowalczyk Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Practice Drills & Special Situations

    Crafting the perfect practice plan is almost an art. Toledo head coach Tod Kowalczyk knows one of the most important ingredients is setting the tone for a competitive practice. In this presentation, Coach Kowalczyk shares his favorite warmup and competitive team drills to make sure his team has an up-tempo practice. As a bonus, he also offers three great sideline out of bounds plays to use in crunch time.

    Practice Drills

    For Coach Kowalczyk, you can never have too many explosive warmup drills or competitive team practice drills. Kowalczyk takes care of not having enough time for certain skills or drills. He shows you drills that work on multiple skills and both sides of the ball at the same time. You will see passing, ball handling, shooting, full-court, half-court, offense, defense, free throws, and transition drills.

    Coach Kowalczyk also shows you five drills that work on special situations. It’s important not only to work on these drills from a physical standpoint, but the mental side of the game is important too. The 76-76 drill is a great way to work on unpredictable situations in a scrimmage setting.

    Another unique idea presented by Coach Kowalczyk is Pocket Drills. These drills are to help your team get its energy and intensity back. There are always those times when teams seem to lose that energy. Pocket Drills are a number of simple drills that help infuse immediate energy into your players.

    Sideline Out of Bounds Plays

    To finish his presentation, Coach Kowalczyk presents three sideline out of bounds plays. These plays include:

    • Heat: A screen-the-screener play that produces a post-up at the end
    • Celtic: Puts the ball in the hands of your best player behind the 3-point line after setting two screens and using movement

    Coach Kowalczyk’s presentation is extremely valuable to coaches that have limited gym time and need to get the most out of every available minute on the floor. The drills are fast-paced, competitive, and sure to bring the energy this season.

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