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    Basketball Practice Drills with Steve Howes

    Catholic University men’s basketball coach Steve Howes shows you how to develop your players and build a culture that is conducive to success in this video. Coach Howes has led Catholic to four regular season conference champions, five conference tournament titles, and six trips to the NCAA Division III tournament.

    In Program Culture & Practice Planning, Coach Howes offers his views on program building and how to plan practices accordingly. You will see 16 drills that will help you with your practice planning. Coach Howes introduces his secondary fast break and a number of options that come off of it. A number of concepts and set plays are presented to help coaches pick apart opposing defenses with quick shot attempts.

    Individual Drills

    Coach Howes is big on drills that serve multiple purposes while working on fundamentals of the game. The Jazz and Hokie Drills help players improve their shooting ability while also working as a conditioner. The One More Drill teaches players to make an extra pass while working on the concepts of offense. All of Howes’ drills instill a spirit of competition which helps to build a program’s culture.

    Defensive Drills

    Five defensive basketball practice drills are presented by Coach Howes here. The drills work on both individual and team fundamentals.

    • DC Drill: emphasizes footwork and the close out on defense.
    • Indiana Drill: players learn to sprint back on defense after a turnover and make sure they cut off the baseline.
    • 4-on-4-on-4 Drill: teaches shell defense in a way that is fun and engaging for players.
    • Triangles with Cones Drill: players work simultaneously on defensive footwork and seeing the basketball.

    Team Offense

    In this 52-minute video, Coach Howes shows you basketball practice drills you can use to work on winning in transition, team shooting, and even free throw shooting. The basketball practice drills are all competitive which keeps players engaged and teaches them competition. You will learn to design much more meaningful practices that will only help your program improve. Rent this basketball practice drills and culture DVD today.

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